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AZ Merit Practice Exams
Inside-Out Sphere

An Example of a Misuse of Math
The Social Science Paper with misused math
Dangerous Knowledge BBC

AP Calculus AB Practice Book 
Hypercube explanation

Unwrapping the Hypercube

New PSAT Practice   ANSWERS
PSAT Practice Test 1
 PSAT Practice Test 2
PSAT Practice Test 3
PSAT Practice Test 4
PSAT Practice Test 5
PSAT Practice Test 6

College Board PSAT Website
Prep Scholar Website

Adventures of The Klein Bottle 

Wolfram Math World 
Not Knot 

Mathematics Association of America  Fermat's Last Theorem

Click on the link above to watch a documentary about how Fermat's Last Theorem was solved!!!

 AP Central 
Parallel Universes and M-Theory

Moebius Transformations

Fourth Dimension Explained:
"We'll have to be smart ... like the lizards were before" 

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